Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Breaking Ground

If you read my previous post, we were up in the air for a short time. We have decided to move forward as the lot goes back further than we thought it did. Our yard is larger than our last yard and will be enough room for kids to play in. I would possibly like it slightly larger but at the same time I don't want it too big. I'd rather have a well kept smaller yard than a huge yellow yard. If I have to spend too much time cutting and trimming, than I won't be as motivated to pull weeds, spread seed, and all the other detail stuff to keep a nice yard.

We also met 2 neighbor couples, they are all roughly our age and one is even pregnant and due just two months after my wife. We met all of them while trying to decide to make or break with RH. I feel like this was God giving us the reassurance we were looking for just because we were a little on the fence and the timing was impeccable (as He always is.)

So our lot has been cleared, tarped, and slab mold is in place. They delayed the slab for a few days because the lumber shipments were all delayed in our area. Our fill-in PM (our PM is on vacation) advised that the lumber will drop next week and framing should start by the end of next week.

Sorry, no pics for now but as we get geared up and going, I will have a plethora.


  1. Congrats on breaking will probably catch up and pass us...don't will miss something.

  2. Sorry this is a little late, but we are catching up on our blogging. We were just talking about you and we were wondering what you decided to do. We are so glad to hear that you put it in GOD's hands. We look forward to following your journey. Happy Building!!!