Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pre-Construction and Final Flooring Choices

We had our pre-construction meeting yesterday.

-Our PM is very cool
-Clarified structural changes with PM that I was unsure if Rep understood. We are removing closet in mud room to make room for built in hall tree. They had it as removing door but leaving door frame, which wasn't right. I knew it had probably never been requested so I didn't really expect the sales rep to understand.

- PM is going to be in China from this coming week until Aug 1. AAAHH. This kinda scares me that the professional that keeps tabs on everything on my house will be MIA for the first couple weeks. Now don't get me wrong; the reason he is going is very cool. He is adopting from China...for the second time. This is why we had our pre-construction a little early.

Final Flooring Choices

We had our follow up meeting with Rite Rug today. We decided to stick with one of the base hardwoods (called Woodstock) for budget reasons but think we will really like the color. Here are the final choices with pic:

Hardwood: Bruce - Woodstock (1 of 5 base options)
Carpet: Rockport (1 of 4 or 5 base options) This is a little darker in person then the pic appears
Cabinet: Timberlake Scottsdale Square Espresso
Granite: Santa Cecilia (Im really stoked about this now after seeing Noey's installed)
(for non-pictured vinyl and ceramic choices, see a previous post)

When meeting with Rite Rug today, we had a little bit of an argument but not with each other....WITH THE FLOORING REP (S.). The hardwood pictured (Woodstock) is not the same as the one originally considered (See my first flooring post; it was Cherry.) After our first flooring meeting, we then saw the hardwood in our model, which we decided we thought would look good with the espresso cabinet. So, when we called Rite Rug to schedule the second/final meeting, I asked S. what the color was in the model and she said it was called woodstock. I told her over the phone that it was probably the color we were going to go with. So today, we started looking at the carpet choices again b/c a change in hardwood meant possible change in carpet, right? When I said this, S. said "no, those are the carpets you chose with the Woodstock." I mentioned we had not looked at the woodstock in the showroom so that wasn't really possible (not my actual words as I am very non-confrontational.) She then matter-of-factly argued "well you had to of because I have it written on my sheet and I didn't pull your file when you called." She was talking about the paper she had written our considerations on. Cherry was marked out on her sheet with Woodstock written above it. I really wish I had my sheet at the time to show her "see, my copy still says Cherry, which you made me a photocopy of right before we left last time. I know for a fact that we didn't consider Woodstock the first go around."

Im really not as upset as it may sound; this is a non-issue. My wife and I were just surprised that she would argue with us slighly-rudely....especially when she had just talked about how many people she had met with (15) since the last time we met. Obviously, my memory of ONE flooring meeting for MY house is probably more accurate then yours since it is not your house, this is your everyday job and that meeting was 1 of your 15 in the past couple weeks. HAHA, it's kinda funny when you think about it.


  1. I think we met with S. too. She was great with us. =) I'm sorry you are have had "issues". If she didn't have your file pulled, then how was it crossed out? I'm bit lost there.

    I stand with you on this. She seems to be covering her butt. I'm sorry.

    On the up side, I LOVE your choices!!

  2. That is whats funny though. There wasn't really any butt covering needed b/c she didn't mess anything up. It seemed like she was arguing just to argue. (Maybe she was just having a bad day b/c we too did not have issues with her at our first meeting.)