Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dirt to Cement to Wood

Framing started on our house today. Here are some pics of the process so far:

NOW, this lets you know how fast your framing goes. Framing started today so no lumber was touched until this morning. This first pic was taken about 11:30am. The second picture was taken about 8:00pm AND we had a thunderstorm this evening so they couldn't have worked too late:

WOW, that's fast. It makes you wonder about the quality but it's really because of the pre-built walls.

We have a couple questions for our PM. Most of them have to do with 3 of our "rigs." This is what the call a special request. ie- removing a wall, moving a doorway, etc. We have a couple of these and as of now they all look standard, which is wrong. It may simply be things that they correct after the structure is completely up. A reminder to our PM won't hurt though.

One thing we're slightly annoyed with is that when we picked our exterior colors (white with black) there was no other house in our section with those colors and since we broke ground, now the two houses being built that are ahead of us BOTH are doing white with black...errr, oh well, not too big a deal.

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  1. The speed is due to the pre-building that RH does. The quality of the assembly work is real good...probably better then if everything were done by hand. It basically ends up just being a big jigsaw puzzle. I must say, it does get your house under roof faster and that is very very important. There is another house in our development being built by another builder...they broke ground about the same time as us and they just this week got the roof on...all the storms we have had the last few weeks just dumped tons of water into the house :(