Wednesday, January 25, 2012


For Rich and anyone else interested in the table I am building, here are some more pics.

I am going to start another blog for all my projects I have planned. I will post a link once it is up.

The notches below hold the company boards (like a leaf extension except on the end of the table instead middle.)....

And for fun, this is how you throw together a temp table for Thanksgiving using: old table, card table, scrap wood, piece of plywood, and 2 queen bed sheets:


: )


  1. Wow - the table is going to look awesome when you are finished. Do you know what color you are going to stain it yet? Can't wait to see it all finished.

  2. thank you sir. You motivated me to get designing. I designed a high top table yesterday, rendered it in 3D and sent to my woodworking father for opinions.
    What wood did you use, maple?

  3. Sgt Rich... have you checked Ana White's site? She has great free designs. I think the table I am going to build will be one of her newer designs. I guess you don't need her site if you are designing, doing 3-d renderings, and building your own stuff. Maybe you should put your designs online!

  4. Gina, The top will be a mix of antique cherry and antique walnut. The skirt and legs will be painted with a milk paint, color is an off-white.

    Rich, No problem. I used pine. I was going for the knotty look and the price helped.

    Tammi is right about Ana White. Cool website for easy furniture/decor designs.

    ...I guess I should get my other blog up and going : )