Monday, January 23, 2012

Updated Pics

Heres a pic of our house at Christmas....

Heres the table I am building for our dining room. I still need to finish with stain and paint....

This is an accident we had in the garage.....

Just kidding!!! Just a pic I found online when searching for "garage organization"...imagine that.


  1. So glad to see you're still blogging! The house looks beautiful all lit up. Can't wait to see the finished product with the table.

  2. Love the exterior shot of your house! You are the first Ryan home I have seen done in white with black shutters - love that classic look!

    Great work on the table. I love to make stuff myself. I have many plans once we get in the house.

  3. your table is inspiring. I put together our table in the dining room last night. It was comical. The little table in the big dining room. I would like to build one as well. Looking at the "manufactured" construction of mine and I am pretty sure I can do better. Did you design? or build from a plan? did you buy the legs or turn them?

  4. Your home looks beautiful! And so does that table! WOW! That's an amazing table. You must post a final picture of it when you're done!

    Loved the last picture. lol You have to wonder how in the world something like that happens!

  5. Thanks for the feedback on the house and table guys.

    Rich, I designed the table based on the style my wife and I were looking for (farm table, light-mid distressing.) I used google images to find what we liked and didn't like. The turned legs are the only part I didn't do b/c I don't have a lathe. I bought them from You can buy just legs (as I did,) or full kits that come with everything except table top.

  6. Gorgeous with the wreaths! Would you mind if I "borrowed" the pics of your house so I can post to show what ours will look like? I would greatly appreciate it! I was so excited to find your blog to see what our envision actually looked like. BTW - we signed last night - our home will be delivered in June :)

  7. Love your Rome! Still curious about how your Hall Tree is coming along?? ;)

    FYI... I've been blogging the crap out of our Rome build here in SC if you wanna check it out: I have a "House Timeline" tab at the top of the page that chronicles our journey to date. Drywall went in over the weekend. Not sure what's next but I'm LOVING the process! Can't wait to see it all come together!!!

  8. Maria, feel free to use the pics. No one had the Rome in black and white that I could find so we had to try to day dream a lot.

    mom2lo, I haven't started the hall tree yet. I think I am going to go ahead and start it though before finishing the table. Without it or a closet in that spot, all of our coats and shoes have no place downstairs. I hate to start a project before finishing another but we really need the hall tree for our sanity.
    I checked out the blog. I like how our granite turned out with the espresso cabinets. Ours is the santa cecilia which looks similar to your choice.

  9. WodyJ,

    I have a questions about the Rome. I'm building one in PA now. How much did they charge to add the french doors? Great choice..

  10. JMS,
    We definately love the french doors. I plan to add some wainscotting at some point and think it will pull it together well.
    I checked our docs but apparently only kept the options list that did not have the prices listed. If I remember right though, they charged about $800-1000 per set. I wouldn't be surprised though if they charge differently in different areas.