Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oven/Range Question

Does anyone elses oven smell like strong heat or burning plastic the first few uses. Ours smells and we cant figure out if something is wrong or just b/c it's new. We have had new appliances before but never oven/range.

Ours is the the smooth top version (not that that specifically has anything to do with the oven.)

Thanks for any feedback.


  1. When we purchased our current house, our oven had a smell the first few times we used it. It gradually went away and I believe it even said something in the owner's manual about it. Hope it goes away soon for you.

  2. YUP!! We were told it's brand new and needs "worked in".

  3. I don't read owner manuels much. ha...probably would have been faster then posting the question though.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Fireplace is the same way...not so pleasant smell and glass fogging up...we have been turning ours on for a few minutes about once a week...hardly any smell at all now and the glass fogs for a shorter period each time...just as our PM said...

  5. Hey there! I don't have any answers to your oven question, but I DO have a question for YOU! We're in the process of building a Rome (pre-con mtg next week) and I came across your blog today. I saw this HALL TREE post and am DYING to see pictures! I have 2 young kids and really wanted a place to put coats, shoes, backpacks, etc. right inside the door from the garage, but that little hallway (mudroom) is too narrow to put anything on the wall across from the door. It sounds like you guys gave up the small mudroom closet in favor of building a custom hall tree there instead?? Is that right? Do you have pics?? LOVE this idea!

    Also, we chose the same espresso cabinets and it was AWE.SOME. to see pics of them installed since none of the model homes around here have them. GORGEOUS! Which granite did you select?

    Sorry for all the questions! I'm seriously thinking of starting a building blog VERY SOON...

    You can email me at :)