Saturday, June 11, 2011

Built-In Hall Tree

We don't break ground until after our house sells which is not until very late June or first week of July so I don't have much to post except for dirt (which I plan to if I can remember to take the camera next time.) Until then, I'll show you what I've been working on today. We went back to the model today so I could measure the mud room and the would-be closet space. Again, this is where I am putting in a built-in hall tree (You know those things with cubbies, bench, and coat hooks. They used to basically take the place of a coat closet before they built houses with closets.)

Here is the sketch I worked on after getting the measurements:

The backing will be beadboard, which will also show in the back of the top cubbies. I didn't show that b/c then it looks confusing. The door in the top middle may or may not have beadboard panel. That will be a judgement call depending if it looks like too much beadboard.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to google images and search "hall tree." You will see a ton of examples. I tried posting one but cannot find one that will save correctly and the battery is about to die on my laptop...


  1. I think we'll be breaking ground around that time too. Wish my house was selling but the market down here is terrible :( So renting it is /sigh.

    I wish I had a mudroom so I could get a hall tree. I love them. I asked if I could put a mudroom in (because the original version of my house had one) but they said no :( Oh well.

    Are you building it yourself?

  2. I love hall trees!! =) I can't wait to see this project of your finished!! I think it's going to look spectacular!

  3. It looks great and you did a good job with the sketch.

  4. @ New build noob, Yeah, I will build this myself.

    @ Noey, doesn't the Milan have a space for one? You could always buy one if your husband isn't up to it. When looking at images, it looks like you can get them for $150-500.

    Thanks BD!

  5. Hi WodyJ, do you think you could post pictures of the finished project? You inspired me to do the same thing, and I'd love to see it.

  6. Good timing Amanda. I just finished it about a week ago....well 99.9% : |