Tuesday, June 7, 2011

User Error

So, I cannot reply to comments and mostly cannot comment on others' blogs either (except it let me on Noey's for some reason.)

I tried the help tab and it has "comments" section and has a nice screenshot of what I should do....the problem: my screen doesn't look like their screenshot. I don't have the "chose identity" the same way. Mine has a drop down with several option including Google Account, OpenID, etc...randomly it has name/url, or anonymous. When it gives me those options, I use name/url and type in WodyJ and the name of my blog.

So until I get this fixed I cannot comment : (
Any ideas?


  1. Are you using internet explorer? If so, on the sign in page, unclick the "keep me signed in" part and that should help!

  2. HORRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You're awesome Noey; that worked perfectly...now off to commenting...