Friday, June 17, 2011

Decisions Decisions: FLOORING PICS

So we had our Guardian and Rite Rug (flooring) meetings today. We already kinda maxed out on Ryan options so we have a tight budget for flooring but some things are a must. Here are the pics we took....

Confirmed decisions:

(above) Kids bath: Standard white tile, standard Andover Maple Spice cabinets, and standard vinyl (Initiator 66178)

(above) Master bath: FD02 Tile (9x12 on shower/tub wall, 12x12 on floor) and boarder is SA56 which is a slate and glass mosaic. The little sliver between two pieces of tile is our grout choice "Earth." We wanted a slightly darker grout.

Now, heres where we need help on. We cannot decide on the hardwood. It's either a standard hardwood which Im not crazy about or an upgrade.

(above) Upgrade is about $1600. This picture does NOT do it justice. Its a distressed 5" plank. It has light and dark colors which look great with the espresso cabinet. That is also our granite sample (santa cecilia.) On the left and right are level 2 carpets. The one on the left is a frizze, which the wife is wanting.

(above) This is the "free" choice hardwood (one of them). It is Turlington Cherry. I am worried about a couple things here. The small samples look great with espresso and cherry but Im worried when you get a whole room with a ton of both colors, the 2 rich colors may be too much.
The other thing I am worried about here is kids denting them up which will look bad on the high gloss type hardwood. The great thing about the distressed is if you beat it up, you cant tell! I have a feeling I would be more anal about the cheaper hardwood just because it wont look as good once all banged up by kids.

We are very likely going with the 8 lb carpet pad downstairs (on slab) and the standard 5 lb upstairs. I wish we could do the 8 lb on the stairs since they take so much abuse but Ryan includes the stairs as part of upstairs and you cannot seperate anything upstairs (without paying a fee to do so.)

Lastly, we want the level 2 carpet but it is way too expensive since we have basically maxed our budget. We have a lot to think about here. The good thing is, since our house (selling) has not closed yet, we have a little extra time to make these decisions.

Here are some additional pics of what we are looking at....


  1. Honestly Wody, I really like the distressed wood the best. The dark cabinets make me think "older". Older homes had them. And the distressed wood also says older.

    Also, the distressed wood has some of the darker color in it. And then there is the scratch and dent factor. AND the fact I just think they look nicer with your cabinets. lol

    We got the same carpet as you think! (the one on the left...the level 2 frizze). Great choice!

  2. I am kinda going for the "older" style like you said. (We actually thought about buying in a historic district but realized upkeep costs are out of control, so we went to the other end of the spectrum with new construction.)

    I had almost talked myself out of the hardwood upgrade but now you just pulled me back onto the fence. AWWWW

  3. I'm sorry! The other wood flooring is nice!!! It's very pretty.

    You could always do the glossy wood and upgrade the flooring later in life if you want. I don't know how much the cost would be though. But it wouldn't be part of your mortgage. That's a plus. Just a thought. But you also need to consider what kind of mess and chaos it may or may not cause in your lives at that time too.

    No matter what, you're going to get a beautiful floor! =D

  4. Your cabinets also go well with the light color flooring that's already down in these pictures too. (the flooring company's floor) It makes for a nice contrast. lol

  5. I personally like the darker cherry with the expresso, but I am biased in that direction since we have cherry and cherry.

    However, I will throw this out there....instead of the hardwood floors, think about putting in laminate wood flooring, especially if you are worried about the wear and tear they might get. Some of the ones they have now look awesome...we have them in our existing house and I can take a picture of them if you would like to see how they look...they look just like they did the day we put them in. You do have to be careful with hardwood floors, but they make some great products out there that help with the small scratches...big dings or big scratches not so much...just some food for thought.

    As for your other choices I think they look great. We will have the same main tile in our Master Bath...different trim tile though.

  6. Thanks BD.
    Laminate actually crossed my mind. We have it in our office now that we finished ourselves. It does look really good.
    Is yours on a wood sub floor or concrete slab? Our office now is upstairs so its on the wood sub floor. I don't know if there are any negatives to putting it on a slab. I wouldn't think so since they usually float....something to look into though.

  7. I am getting laminate in our hall. =) I was told it had an awesome warranty and it has a moisture lock (great for slabs). Pretty much the only thing the warranty didn't cover was scratches from drag large, heavy appliances across it. Everything else...covered! And since we have 3 kids and dog, we went laminate. =)

    I'm sure ya'll will make the choice that's best for you, whatever it ends up being. Just let the rest of us know, because now we're all curious!

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