Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Guardian and Selling Drama

So we got a call from Guardian today to schedule our meeting. Why do I feel like I am going to a timeshare sales event? We are scheduled for 6/17. (I am taking the day off b/c it's our anniversary. No major plans...hey, Im buying her a house, what could be better than that.)

In other news, we got some feedback from our buyer after the inspection. They are concerned about structural issues because of some cracked mortar on the front of the house. Heres the story:
During a move in snow and ice, I had to back our moving truck up our driveway (slight incline.) It kept spinning wheels trying to back in so I had to put some momentum into it. This worked but then when I braked, the rear bumper bumped into the brick right beside the garage. The crack is not even at ground level which is what common sense would say might be structural. The inspector even said in his report that he believed it to be cosmetic only.

I wrote this in a letter to my realtor to give the buyer to try to save them some money. Regardless, they wanted to have an engineer inspect the house, which was done today. We haven't heard back but Im not concerned as I seriously doubt there is structural damage. I guess the silver lining is they are now another $350 deep into our house so it would be harder to walk AND they weren't naive and decided to just run at sign of any potential issue.


  1. It sounds like your buyers are definitely interested and just trying to protect their investment. That's a good thing!

    Let us know the outcome, but since you feel so good about it, I'm not worried either! =)

    GL with Guardian!

  2. Yeah Guardian is great but you can definitely spend yourself out of your shorts fooling with them. LOL! You should have seen my husband eyes light up when they get to the entertainment stuff they offer.

    As for your house, if you know it's only cosmetic damage the engineer should be able to put the buyer worries to rest.

    Hope all goes well with the buyers and good luck with Guardian.

  3. Unless you want more than the standard, don't go. We are going to do all of our surround sound and low voltage stuff ourselves, so we just told our rep that we weren't interested in meeting with guardian.

  4. I assume Ryan isn't letting you do this work while the house is being built. Are you talking about doing it after closing?
    All we plan on getting is whatever is needed to mount the TV over the mantel so our sales guy is probably going to be mad :/

  5. Yes, after closing. The prices for what they do is outrageous.

  6. Regarding the pricing on Guardian...some things are rather pricey, but the equipment pricing is not too speakers and audio equipment...yes the $80-$100 per jack is pricey, but it is also installed in the walls and integrated into the me, this is my third house and I have done the wiring in my current house and it's no fun after the walls are my opinion it is worth the money. We are also using our hall closet as an audio/video closet so all wiring is running to and from there.

    We had a very good experience with our Guardian rep...met with him the first time and he just went thru everything they had to offer and answered all our questions and provided the pricing. We took all that and digested it and decided what we wanted and what we didnt. Met again later the same week and basically asked some more questions and filled out the order form. Other folks have had more of the timeshare sales event. The key thing to remember is that no matter what you still get a home security system installed and functioning even if you don't get anything from may not be monitored, but if someone breaks in the alarm will go off. Check out our blog for a pretty comprehesive list of what they have to offer.