Sunday, September 18, 2011

Refrigerator: check

We finally decided on and bought our refrigerator today. We had researched some although not that much. We knew we wanted stainless, french door with bottom freezer...well my wife did. I didn't really care as long as it wasn't GE. We (and other family members) have had issues before with GE and I just don't think their products are built to last.
Of course, that is who Ryan uses for appliances, but hey, what are you gonna do. I'd rather have a quality home so I wasn't going to choose my builder based on what appliances they use. Trust me, when my fridge went out, it was a lot less hastle to replace then when my foundation was sinking.

So. Drum rolll.....

We went with this LG (model LFC25776ST.) It's stainless steel, 25 cu ft, french door, twin blowing (seperate for fridge and freezer.) We got a good deal on it at HH Gregg after some shopping around. We were actually going to buy from Lowes but went back to HH Gregg because the guy there was the most knowledgable and since they are paid commission, I wanted to give him a fair chance to earn our business. He did! I explained what our other option was including model (equivalent Samsung at Lowes) and he got online, found the price and went to his boss. They ended up beating the product price and matched the 5-yr warrenty price even though HH Gregg seems to have the better warranty. The only thing is I had to pay $69 for delivery but it has a 100% rebate. Lowes is free delivery right now, no rebate needed. I don't mind dealing with rebate though. It was a fair trade for all the information he gave me and better price on the fridge.

We didn't care to have the ice/water on the door for 3 reasons:
1) most models are few hundred dolllars less without it
2) cleaner/sleaker look 
3) 2 yr olds like to press buttons and even though it has a child lock, who wants to push a button for 3 seconds to unlock their water/ice....I might as well just open the door. Wow Americans are so impatient; I want my ice NOW : )

Happy building and home-related-goods-buying!


  1. I have an LG french door and LOVE IT!!! Great choice!

  2. Actually some of us Americans don't want all that cold air escaping each and every time we want ice or filtered water...didn't used to need filtered water until some idiot invented bottled water. Now the water companies don't care that their water tastes and smells like a swimming pool.

    Good choice on the LG...they make a very nice product and as I have said on some other blogs...they are not a new company...they are a Korean company that has been making appliances since the late 50s.

  3. Ouch...good point BD. I didn't think about losing the cold air. HAHA...don't tell my family members because at their homes I open the door and get ice the old fashion way because 1) I hate getting crushed and cubed ice mixed and 2) I hate picking up ice all over the floor.

    Just don't tell my wife about the cold air escaping because I kinda talked her into just getting a brita filter pitcher.

  4. Double HAHA...I do the same thing WodyJ...why?...because our existing dispenser throws ice all over the place...we hope our new one will be different...I do like the water dispenser and our existing one has filtered water and I hate how much space the Brita Filter Pitcher takes up in the frig, but the water tastes great though.

  5. Good. Im not the only one....but the space you save by not having the ice maker in top section can be used for the big Brita pitcher.

  6. We love our french door LG - so much so that when we move into our new house we are taking it with us. We ordered the base model side-by-side with the new house and will exchange them. Our LG has ice and water in the door and the ice maker is the slim door mounted one. We love it.