Friday, September 16, 2011

Watch Those Manhole Covers!

A few weeks ago as we were leaving our neighborhood, we had a car issue. Most of you are probably familiar with manhole covers sticking up higher than the asphalt in new developments due to final layer not being layed yet.

As we were leaving, I centered over one as usual to avoid hitting it (because theres not always room to easily go to the side of the manhole.) This particular one was higher then usual and just before the manhole, there is a dip in the road. BAM!! I bottomed out on the man hole cover, gashing a hole in one of the pipes. It was after the headers, a 90 degree piece which leads to exhaust toward rear. It tore about a 3" gash and cost $300-400 to fix.

I got the HOA contact from our sales rep (developer still runs the HOA) and emailed them. The guy responded timely to a couple emails and I sent him the bill. However, it has now been a couple weeks and I have not heard back. I am emailing him now to follow up.

I will keep you updated as it unfolds but BE CAREFUL NAVIGATING YOUR NEW STREETS!!


  1. Aww man sorry that happend but thanks for the tip!

  2. Ew! I'm so sorry. We have to navigate around our manhole covers too.

    I'm sorry this happened to you. I hope you get a check soon!

  3. Wow...thats crazy...I know some of them in our development do appear to stick up higher then others, but I always assumed a car would clear them...guess that dip got you...OUCH.