Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tile and Cabinets

We are officially locked out which doesn't work well with my job schedule. So, we will basically be limited to seeing the inside on the weekend. In our area, the workers are never working at 7:30 or 8pm. So, we visited on Saturday and our cabinets, master bath tile, and french doors have all been installed.

Timberlake Scottsdale Square Mable - Espresso:

Master bath tile:

French doors with bronze hardware (glass still covered from painting):

There are other things that have been done but these were the ones we were most excited about seeing. Other items were: rails and ballisters (unstained), bathroom vanities, fireplace mantel.

My next post will be a photoshopped (actually MS Paint-ed) exterior photo adding our shutters, painted door, and garage door hardware.


  1. Everything looks great! Love it!

  2. Everything looks great! Your bathroom tile looks fantastic!